My Story


My Story

The Early Years

In second grade, author a poem about a snowman. Includes use of cotton balls and winter macaroni. Poem displayed in school cafeteria alongside the best for all to see. All do. Women flock.

Enter local newspaper writing competition. Charge: write essay in 250 words or less about best summer ever. Pen 247 words about mythical place called “Mylandia.” Win. Lesson learned: spanking others with imagination is fun.

Write book report. Get A+. Lesson learned: use tasty words, get tasty rewards.

Win world championship in bagpiping and drumming in Glasgow, Scotland. Has nothing to do with writing, but adds to mystique.

D in English from Mrs. Graves. Writing for “the man” not my forte.


Danny McHatton, The Professional

College. Find self with crush on girl. Take advertising class to sit next to girl. Immediately quit business major to combine love for writing and hate for math.
BA in Advertising, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Move to Miami. Hear it’s good for advertising students and skin. See advertising from every angle imaginable. Still want in.
Miami Ad School
Miami Beach, Florida; London, England; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois

A Midwestern year: eat Midwestern pizza, date Midwestern girl and make Midwestern commercial for Midwestern gum.
Freelance Copywriter, Energy BBDO, Chicago

December 2004-January 2006.
Become romantically familiar with every nook of every cranny of the Pepsi Business. Writing for “the man” now my forte.
Copywriter, TracyLocke, Wilton, Connecticut

February 2006-December 2010.
Chase. Wall Street Journal. Ad Council. Marriott. Verizon. Fidelity National Information Services. Northrop Grumman. Effie Award-winning campaign for Crayola. Wow, Danny, that’s a lot of marvelous stuff.
Copywriter, mcgarrybowen, New York, New York
Ad Age Agency of the Year, 2009

January 2011-March 2014.
Crest, Oral-B, Scope, Glide, Pillsbury, Progresso, Pepto, Metamucil and Vicks. If it goes into your mouth, I've probably helped craft its voice.
Associate Creative Director, PublicisKaplanThaler, New York, New York
Hyper Island Master Class
Gold at 2013 NY Addy Awards: Digital/Social Media
Scope Courage Encouraged Shortlisted at 2013 Facebook Studio Awards
Scope Courage Encouraged Shortlisted 2013 Graphis Design Competition

April 2014-September 2014
The best boss for Danny McHatton? Danny McHatton. Pitched Diageo business, digitally relaunched an iconic brand and created a branding campaign for a digital start-up.
Freelance Associate Creative Director, New York, New York

October 2014-May 2016
L.L.Bean, Denny's, Frye Boots, Verizon. Got a nice taste of the outdoors, pancakes and heritage fashion.
Vice President Creative Director, Erwin Penland, New York, New York

May 2016-May 2017
Took a little time to focus on my family, but also helped pitch new business with a giant agency and helped build a tiny, one-room start-up from the ground.
Freelance Creative Director, New York, New York

June 2017-August 2019
Walgreens, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It’s always a pleasure to work with brands that actually make a difference in people’s lives. It’s even better when the work is good. 
Creative Director, Grey Advertising, New York, New York

August 2019-Present
Currently working with premium beauty brand PerriconeMD, Virtue (Vice) and catching up on some much-needed dadding with my 4 year-old son.
Freelance Creative Director, New York, NY